Welcome to Stillwaters Psychology

Stillwaters Psychology was established to provide psychological assessments and intervention packages for young people and adults, in home, school or office settings by Nick Logan.

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach and we will work with you to apply psychological consultancy to support the Commissioner’s client with all types of special and additional needs including learning and cognitive development, social, emotional and behavioural needs, identified syndromes such as Autism and Commissioner’s client with a range of speech and language, visual, sensory and other impairments, as well as children with any type of physical disability.

Also central to our work is the notion that children’s needs are often powerfully mediated by the dynamic human and physical environment around them, so our work, as applied psychologists very frequently extends to those who live and work with children and young people, such as school staff and families.

I have been, besides being a Child and Educational Psychologist for many years, held management and leadership positions in both child and adult residential care provisions. Therefore, the company can provide extensive advice on such issues as structural change, conflict resolution and culture adjustment for care and education providers.

The ethos of Stillwaters Psychology is based very much on inter-disciplinary professional practice. As such, its Associates cover the disciplines of psychology, counselling and occupational therapy.

Key Client Groups

  • Parents/families
  • Young people’s special day and residential schools
  • Adult care providers
  • Specialist Colleges both day and residential
  • SEN Solicitors

Please rest assured that we will NEVER pass on your details to a third party or use them for marketing purposes.  We will only contact you with regard to your appointment of our services.

Once our business is concluded, you would not hear from us again unless it was in relation to the appointment of our services.