The involvement of Parents, Carers and Other Professionals ( the “Commissioner”) are the¬†crucial partners in any work that relates to the completion of an assessment.¬† It is anticipated that as a minimum, include a consultation with parents/carers and teaching staff. No individual work will be undertaken without the express agreement of the Commissioner.

Commissioners should ensure that Schools are aware of an EP visit in advance.

Following the assessment jointly agreed outcomes will be shared with the relevant parties as appropriate and agreed with the Commissioner.

  • Working in collaboration with senior management teams to develop strategic and operational planning around challenging behaviours factors.
  • Providing advice on the models of challenging behaviours that may be appropriate to an organisation.
  • Offering practical advice and mentoring to education and care teams who may be working with high profile service users, who exhibit extreme behaviours.
  • Advising on proactive support methodologies in regard to the emotional resilience of staff teams. This includes models of psychological de-briefing.